Wednesday, 8 June 2016

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Doing Office Relocation Singapore

The major part in Singapore worldwide popularity as pro business country is Singapore’s corporate taxation.  It states that startup companies pay zero tax on first S$10000 of chargeable income for first three consecutive years. In addition 50% exemption is given on next on next S$200,000 of chargeable income.

This serves as major reason Singapore was ranked first in the world’s easiest place to do business by World Bank, ease of dinning ease of doing business report 2010.

Singapore company formation without relocation:

To incorporate business/company in Singapore and wish to operate from overseas, there is no need of relocation visa.  One needs to nominate at least one director to manage Singapore operation. 

Brokerage firms offer private banking services, which provide safekeeping of securities and investments and advice. Some offices offer these services all over the world.  

There are lots of ways to make money in Singapore; tourism is a growing industry and business can find ways to capitalize on that. If one’s company wish to relocate to Singapore can incorporate in Singapore Company register there and run business operation from that location. Company can incorporate there even if person is not located there. It is one of the best things about doing business in Singapore.

If one chooses to Office relocation Singapore, one can use employment pass option which entrepreneurs, shareholders, managers with higher education, professionals often choose.

If one does not have education required for employment pass, another option is enter pass, it is option available for successful entrepreneurial history. It; however, requires minimum $50,000.